Bristol City lose to Liverpool

March 2, 1908
Bristol City lost to Liverpool on Saturday, at Anfield Road, and are perilously near the lower League positions. Lewis (goal) and Spear (centre half) played for Harry Clay and Billy Wedlock, the latter being engaged in the Inter League, whilst Doig officiated for Sam Hardy, who also was playing at Birmingham. There were 12,000 spectators, and the teams were:

Bristol City: Albert Lewis, Robert Young, Joe Cottle, Reuben Marr, Arthur Spear, Pat Hanlin, Fred Staniforth, Willie Maxwell, Sam Gilligan, Andy Burton, Frank Hilton.
Liverpool: Ned Doig, Alf West, Percy Saul, Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, James Bradley, Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Joe Hewitt, William Macpherson, John Cox.

Liverpool gain the lead.
The ground was on the soft side when, Bristol having won the toss, Hewitt kicked off for Liverpool against a strong win. Play favoured Bristol at the start, Maxwell setting Staniforth going. The centre was met by Hanlin, but the latter shot just over the bar.

After a brief visit by Liverpool to the other end, Gilligan ran down and forced a corner off West, which Parry cleared. Liverpool now asserted themselves, and the City goal was subjected to pressure. From a break away Hanlin tested Doig with a beauty, but a corner only resulted. Burton was injured, but soon returned.

Liverpool resumed the attack, and Hewitt had a long shot, which Lewis saved with ease. Maxwell got away on his own, but was overtaken by Saul, who cleared. Bristol were now having the better of the play, but the home defence held out well. A nice move by Bristol nearly ended in a goal, Gilligan failing at the critical moment.

A rush by the home forwards ended in Macpherson sending in a hot shot, but Lewis saved. Immediately after, however, Hewitt obtained possession, and banged in a shot which gave Lewis no chance. Thus Liverpool were one up.

Keeping up the pressure, Liverpool asserted their superiority in a marked manner, and Bradley scored their second goal with a good shot, which gave Lewis no chance. At the interval Liverpool led deservedly.

Liverpool, 2; Bristol City, 0. And Keep It.

Resuming, Bristol went away, Gilligan trying a long shot, which just travelled wide of the post. Following this, a good move by Gilligan and Maxwell was nullified by West. Liverpool now had a look in, Goddard sprinting down the right and centring to Robinson, who shot skywards.

Hewitt next executed a fine dribble, and eventually got a corner off Young, which proved of no avail. Beautiful passing was exhibited by Cox and Macpherson, but the effort came to nothing. Goddard next centred to Robinson, but Lewis saved the latter’s shot.

Bristol now had a share in the exchanges, and they forced the play. Staniforth dashed down the wing and centred. Gilligan was nicely placed, and he took the pass finely, and had no difficulty in scoring Bristol’s first goal.

After this Liverpool again attacked, Cox and Goddard putting in some good work. A shot from the former struck Lewis and rebounded into play. Lewis next cleared a brilliant shot from Bradley.

Bristol were not done with, and they gave the home defence a lot of trouble. However, Hewitt clinched matters with a third goal for Liverpool, which he scored from Robinson’s pass.

Result: Liverpool, 3; Bristol City, 1.
(Western Daily Press: March 2, 1908)


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