Liverpool Reserves v Bury Reserves

April 6, 1908
With the reserves
After their clever victory at Clayton over Manchester United, we naturally expected the Reds to mete out similar treatment to the Bury Reserves at Anfield on Monday last. This was far from being the case, however, for the home team gave a wretched display, and were deservedly beaten by 3 goals to 2.

In the first half, Sam Bowyer scored, but Fred Bell equalised, while Allan Ramsay placed Liverpool once more ahead. This lead of a goal was quickly reduced when ends were changed, for Fred Talbot made matters level, and Herbert Bradley put Bury in front.

The defence of the Anfielders was poor, the full backs kicking feebly, while the half-backs were a very moderate trio. Near goal the forwards were miserably weak, and chances were thrown away in most reckless fashion. The result was utterly disappointing, for we had been led to expect a good display after recent happenings. Evidently inconsistency is a trait not confined to the premier eleven at Anfield.
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: April 6, 1908)

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