Editor’s notebook: Liverpool’s inconsistency

Saturday, April 11 – 1908
On December 7th, the Anfielders were in one of the brilliant moods, and on that day they routed Aston Villa by five goals to nil in this city. In the return engagement a week ago, they were themselves debited with five goals, and thereby maintained their right to rank as the most inconsistent eleven in the League. There was some excuse, however, for their overthrow at Birmingham, seeing that Percy Saul had to retire injured, but even this cannot account for such a vast difference in form. But this trait has been part and parcel of the Liverpool team since the season opened, and there is no sign of amendment.

The Reds are due at Newcastle today; and we should not feel a solitary tinge of surprise were they to win by a fairly wide margin. We know of no team better capable of confounding the prophets than the present Liverpool League eleven. After being thoroughly trounced in the Midland, the Anfielders scarcely two days later manage to win at Blackburn, where the Rovers, who are by no means safe as far as the retention of their First Division status is concerned, were vanquished by three goals to one. It cannot be said that the victors played a great game, for they made many blunders, and missed repeated chances of establishing a big lead. But their opponents were even worse than they and a feebler set of half backs we have seldom seen than the trip which did duty for the Rovers in this fixture. Nor were the forwards much better, and on the form they exhibited on Monday the Rovers may well feel uncertain as to their future prospects. Liverpool deserved to win, but they did not particularly please by their play.
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme, 11-04-1908)


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