Personalia: Sam Raybould (Liverpool F.C.)

April 11, 1908
Sam Raybould is not unknown in Liverpool. For some years he was one of the shining lights of the Liverpool Club, and his goal record as a centre forward with the Livers some five years ago is still unbeaten. That was a great year when the forward line was Arthur Goddard, George Livingston, Sam Raybould, Edgar Chadwick and John Cox.

Sam Raybould.
Sam Raybould, Liverpool

Sam Raybould is a Derbyshire lad, and played with Ilkeston and Derby County. Then Mr. John Fare, of the New Brighton Club – now a Director of the Liverpool F.C. – signed him for the Tower, from where he was transferred to the Anfielders. At the end of last season he went to Sunderland. He played regularly with the team for some time, then he was out of it for a while, but finally came back to be the pivot of the best line the club has had since the days of Tom Watson in the North.

He has helped to bring George Holley to the fore, and the inside left cannot complain of the scoring chances he has received. Sam Raybould is a powerful thrusting centre, and he had a wonderful turn of speed. He won many sprint handicaps, and that he is still a footballer he has amply proved during the past few months.
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: April 11, 1908)

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