Wales v Ireland 0-1 (International: April 11, 1908)

April 11, 1908
Match: International, British Championship, at Aberdare Athletic Ground.
Wales – Ireland 0-1 (0-1).
Attendance: 6,000.
Referee: Mr. James Ibbotson.
Wales (2-3-5): Bob Evans (Blackburn Rovers), Jeffrey Jones (Llandrindod Wells), Ernest Peake (Aberystwyth), Maurice Parry (Liverpool), Ioan Price (Burton United), Billy Meredith (Manchester United), Richard Morris (Plymouth Argyle), Walter Watkins (Captain, Stoke), Bert Hodgkinson (Southampton), Thomas Daniel Jones (Aberdare), Horace Blew (Wrexham).
Ireland (2-3-5): William Scott (Everton), Alex Craig (Captain, Glasgow Rangers), Alex McCartney (Belfast Celtic), John Darling (Linfield), English McConnell (Sunderland), Val Harris (Shelbourne), Andrew Hunter (Belfast Celtic), William Hamilton (Distillery), Harold Sloan (Bohemians), Charles O`Hagan (Aberdeen), Harry Buckle (Bristol Rovers).
The goal: 0-1 Sloan (28 min.).

Ernest Peake, Aberystwyth (Joint Everton and Liverpool Match Programme: January 18, 1913):

Irish team at the G.W.R. railway station in Cardiff on-route to Aberdare (Evening Express: April 11, 1908):

(1) Kenyon; (2) Buckle; (3) McCann; (4) Burnison; (5) Osbourne; (6) Sloan; (7) P. Meenam; (8) Hunter; (9) J. Gillan; (10) McCartney; (11) Craig; (12) Hamilton; (13) Darling; (14) McWilliam).
Welsh team at the Taff Vale railway station on-route to Aberdare (Evening Express: April 11, 1908):

Back row (left to right): Bob Evans (Blackburn Rovers); Harding (Welsh FA); Griffiths (Welsh FA); Maurice Parry (Liverpool); Billy Meredith (Manchester United); Walter Watkins (Stoke); Penry Jones (Llandrindod Wells); George Latham (Liverpool); T.H. Busby Jarvis (English FA).
Middle row (left to right): Jeffrey Jones (Llandrindod Wells); Horace Blew (Wrexham); Richard Morris (Plymouth Argyle); Ernest Peake (Aberystwyth).
Front row (left to right): Bert Hodgkinson (Southampton) and C. Morgan (Chirk).

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