Germany v England Amateurs 1-5 (International: April 20, 1908)

April 20, 1908
International, Friendly, at Victoria-Platz, Mariendorf (Berlin).
Germany – England Amateurs 1-5 (1-3).
Attendance: 6,000.
Referee: Mr. Paul Neumann (Germany).
Germany (2-3-5): Paul Eichelmann (Berliner T.u.F.C. Union 1892), Otto Hantschick (Berliner T.u.F.C. Union 1892), Paul Fischer (Berliner T.u.F.C. Viktoria 89), Walter Poppe (F.C. Eintracht 95, Braunschweig), Arthur Hiller (1. F.C. Pforzheim), Hans Weymar (F.C. Victoria, Hamburg), Adolf Gehrts (F.C. Victoria, Hamburg), Arno Neumann (Dresdner S.C., Dresden), Fritz Förderer (Karlsruher F.V.), Willy Baumgärtner (Düsseldorfer S.V. 1904), Paul Matthes (Magdeburger F.C. Viktoria 1896).
England Amateurs (2-3-5): Ernest Proud (Bishop Auckland), Walter Corbett (Birmingham), Herbert Smith (Reading), Frederick William Chapman (Notts Magdala), Evelyn Lintott (Queens Park Rangers), Robert Hawkes (Luton Town), Arthur Berry (Oxford University), Vivian Woodward (Tottenham Hotspur), Claude Purnell (Clapton Orient), Harold Stapley (West Ham United), Harold Hardman (Everton).
The goals: 0-1 Stapley (5 min.), 1-1 Förderer (penalty, 20 min.), 1-2 Woodward (25 min.), 1-3 Purnell (43 min.), 1-4 Stapley (70 min.), 1-5 Woodward (90 min.).

Arthur Berry (Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News: November 19, 1910).

Frederick William Chapman (Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News: November 19, 1910).


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