Manchester United F.C. 1907-08 (Football League)

May 2, 1908
Manchester United F.C.; League appearances and goals; 1907-08.
Football League statistics:
Billy Meredith, 37; Jimmy Bannister, 36; George Wall, 36; Alex Bell, 35; Dick Duckworth, 35; Charlie Roberts, 32; Alex Turnbull, 30; Harry Moger, 29; Herbert Burgess, 27; Dick Holden, 26; Jimmy Turnbull, 26; George Stacey, 18; Alex Downie, 10; Herbert Broomfield, 9; John Picken, 8; Alexander Menzies, 6; Harold Halse, 6; Ernest Thomson, 3; Bill Berry, 3; Harry Williams, 1; Kerr Whiteside, 1; John McGillivray, 1; Tommy Wilson, 1; Edward Dalton, 1; Aaron Hulme, 1.

A. Turnbull, 25; Wall, 19; Meredith, 10; J. Turnbull, 9; Bannister, 5; Halse, 4; Roberts, 2; Bell, 1; Berry, 1; Picken, 1; Stacey, 1; Own goal (Jack Armstrong, Nottingham Forest), 1; Own goal (Andy McCombie, Newcastle United), 1; Own goal (Tommy Rodway, Preston North End), 1. (Total: 81).
(Cricket and Football Field: May 2, 1908)

* Differences compared to Only on Jimmy Turnbull’s goals. ENFA have 10 goals by Turnbull, newspaper report 9. Match in question is the away fixture with Newcastle United on October 12. Newspaper report have given Turnbull’s goal as own goal for Andy McCombie.
* There is also different names behind the own goal scored on October 5, 1907 vs. Nottingham Forest. ENFA have Maltby down as the unlucky Forest player; while the newspaper report gives the own goal to Jack Armstrong.

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