Liverpudliana: By Richard Samuel (May 9, 1908)

May 9, 1908
Liverpool have also nearly completed their players’ autograph-book for 1908-9. The list is as follows.
Goal: Sam Hardy and Donald Sloan.
Backs: Alf West, Percy Saul, Thomas Rogers, and Ted Hughes.
Half-backs: Maurice Parry, Alex Raisbeck, James Bradley, Jim Harrop, George Latham, James Hughes, and Sam Hignett.
Forwards: Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Jack Parkinson, Joe Hewitt, Ronald Orr, Sam Bowyer, Mike Griffin, Fred Smith and Walter Smith.

The missing names, compared with a year ago, are Ned Doig and Edward Husbands (goal), Harry Griffiths, Billy Dunlop, and Charlie Wilson (backs), James Gorman (half-back), John Cox, William Macpherson, Allan Ramsay, and Harry Fitzpatrick (forwards). Macpherson favours his native heath, and Cox, as usual, hasn’t been in a hurry to seek the ink bottle.

Of the others, one parts with regret from such internationals as Doig and Dunlop. Both have been fine fellows and ornaments to professional football, and even now neither is a spent force. I was sorry to find Gorman’s name missing, for he is a real good man, but one is glad to see that Leicester Fosse have so quickly snapped him up. Of the new men, E. Hughes is brother to the half-back of like name, and last season he did well with African Royal. Walter Smith is a forward from the Bootle Celtic Club.
(Cricket and Football Field: May 9, 1908).


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