The new Liverpool F.C. grand stand

June 13, 1908
The Liverpool grand stand is now completed and, taking everything into consideration, it is without an equal. There are numbered “armchaired” reserved seats for nearly 1,500 people thereon.

Underneath the stand there has been constructed a unique suite of rooms – a directors’ room (oak panelled), a secretary’s room, club offices, tea rooms, ladies’ room, home team dressing room, including baths – shower and plunge – the latter a splendid innovation, referees’ private room, with its bath, visiting teams’ dressing rooms, plus a number of baths, etc., etc., all built on most approved lines and delightfully open in the matter of light and ventilation, are some of the wonders connected with the interior of Liverpool’s new stand.

Then there is a gymnasium and also a fine billiard room, each of which should prove a boon to the players.

There is also a club room, trainers’ rooms, etc., whilst hot water pipes are installed right through the numerous buildings; in fact, everybody’s needs have been studied to the full, and Liverpool’s new stand is one of which the management and shareholders alike have every reason to feel proud.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: June 13, 1908)


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