Glasgow Rangers’ prospects

August 8, 1908
Glasgow Rangers F.C. believe they have an array of talent second to none. In fact, it is said to be the best which has represented the club since the year 1896-7, when the “Light Blues” won the three cups – the Scottish, the Glasgow, and the Charity Cup in one season.

Henry Rennie, the Hibernian international goalkeeper, will defend the uprights. James Sharp, of Woolwich Arsenal, another Scottish international, will play at back, and the new forwards include: Alex Bennett (Celtic), Thomas Gilchrist (Third Lanark), Tom Murray (Aberdeen), William Macpherson (Liverpool), and James Jackson (Dundee), all good an tried men who have made their mark in home and foreign football.

It can readily be understood that Rangers speak with no little confidence of their prospects for the new season. Alex Smith, the hero of many internationals, is again to the fore, and as he takes his benefit at Ibrox on the 18th inst., no doubt his many friends and admirers will gather round him on that occasion. Queen’s Park is to form the opposition. The opening match on the 15th inst. is against Port Glasgow Athletic.
(Sheffield Evening Telegraph: August 8, 1908)


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