Season preview 1908-09: Bohemians F.C. (Belfast Telegraph)

August 31, 1908
By winning the Irish Cup last season, the Metropolitans rose 100 per cent in the estimation of the public. If they can only maintain the standard of excellence set in the matches they had to play before the cup was theirs they will receive a greatly increased support from the public when they come North.

Although J.J. Sherry and James Balfe have seceded, they expect to be as strong as ever. Mr. J. Sheehan has been superseded in the president’s chair by another enthusiastic member of the club in the person of Dr L.J. Farrell, while the committee consists of the following: – Messrs. W. Sheehan, W. Fitzsimmons, W. Crane, J.A. Trotter, T.J. Greene, T.J. McFadzean, R. Hooper, J. Gough, and R. Jones, JP. The treasurer is Mr. W. Mann-Butler; the honorary secretary, Mr. C.C. Robertson, who has now got an assistant in Mr. J.J. Doran. The selection committee will be Messrs. W. Sheehan, W. Fitzsimmons, W. Crane, J.A. Trotter, and H.A. Sloan, while the trainer will again be G. Cooke.

The players to the fore include all last year’s Irish Cup team, except the two already mentioned, and are J.C. Helier, R. Reynolds, J.L. McIlroy, P.J. Thunder, W. Grant, D. Hannon, J. McDonnell, J. Slemin, G.E. Reddy, T. Healy, M.F. McElhinney, J.T. Cooper, W.R. Bastow, F.J. Johnston, J. Burns, J.B. McGrail, W.S. Holmes, P. Weymes, M.Leonard, J.E. Barry, H.W. Henderson, H. Curtis, E. Curtis, E.B. Keating, J.J. Hazlett, Richard W. Hooper, William F. Hooper, and Harold Sloan.

There should be no difficulty experienced in selecting a team out of such an array of talent to worthily uphold the honour of the Bohs.
(Source: Belfast Telegraph: August 31, 1908; by ‘Ralph the Rover’)


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