Season preview 1908-09: Cliftonville F.C. (Belfast Telegraph)

August 31, 1908
Up Solitude way they are distinctly proud of those imperishable traditions that are the glorious inheritance of a distinguished club, a club that has been amateur since its inception, and always in the van when progress of a character calculated to improve the standing of the club or the prestige of the game is necessary. The standing of the club is as high as ever in the estimation of the public.

During the last two seasons the rejuvenated team has given unbounded satisfaction, and although George McClure and J. Blair have wandered from the fold they composition of the team has suffered little by their defection. Much of the early history of the club is identical with the early history of the game in this country.

With a management of men versed in the intricacies of the game and capable of working the club on thoroughly business-like lines the future of the Solitudinarians is assured. Mr. William Kennedy Gibson, an old player and an amateur, is this year president of the club, whose trustees are still Messrs. R. Barnett and W. Nugent. Mr. L.S. Smythe make an ideal treasurer, and Mr. S. Martin loses no opportunity as honorary secretary of pushing the claims of the club. The committee is constituted as follows: – Messrs. R.A. Bell, W.H. Calvert, J. Clarke, T. Foreman, S. Hamill, S.C. Irvine, H.E. Lynas, W.J. Murdock, E. Neville, W. Spence, and W.J. Stewart, with Mr. J.T. Gibb, 9. Chesnut Gardens, Cliftonville, as secretary.

The team committee will be Messrs. W.H. Calvert, J. Clarke, S.C. Irvine, S. Hamill, and J. Wright, and the following players are available: – Messrs. Frederick William McKee, P.H. Davies, Jack Seymour, J. Morrow, G. McLarnon, T. Neilly, Jack Wright, R. Harvey, David Martin, F. Frew, J.S. Williamson, W.H. Annesley, A. Morrow, A. Foye, Sam McComb, Jordan Robertson, George Hull, R. Stuart, F. Tweedie, Jim Macauley, F. Thompson, N. Beattie, A. Cunningham, W. McBrinn, Sam Palmer, J. Molyneux, E. Cooper, and W. Houghton – an array of talent surpassed by no other club in he land, and from which a grand team can be constructed.

Hugh McAteer will again act as trainer to the first team, and if necessary he will have the assistance of a couple of reliable and experienced subordinates.

The ground has, and is being, well looked after.

With a greatly weakened team in the metropolis the club has suffered its first reverse, but the real business of the season will be entered upon on Saturday next. With a little more of that consistency in their play that ultimately brings success I anticipate a most successful season for the Reds.
(Source: Belfast Telegraph: August 31, 1908; by ‘Ralph the Rover’)


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