Season preview 1908-09: Derry Celtic F.C. (Belfast Telegraph)

August 31, 1908
So little has been heard during the past three months of the intentions of the Maiden Cityites that the news that they contemplate placing an extraordinary strong combination in the field next Saturday has caused some little surprise. That they can do so no one will deny; but I do hope more than a modicum of success will attend their efforts during the season just launched.

I am assured the club’s prospects never were brighter. All the players of the “old brigade” have again been signed on, in consequence of which general satisfaction prevails in the Lone Moor camp. Two new players, Bowman and Hendry, have been captured from the military. Mr. P. Meenan will continue to act as the club’s president, while the old committee, all re-elected, will be strengthened by the addition of W. Macintyre, and old player, and J. Duggan, an enthusiastic supporter of the club. The control of the finance department has again been handed over to the reliable Mr. James O’Doherty. Mr. James McCann, the secretary to the club, is to have an assistant in the person of Mr. P. Mulholland.

The players who have sworn allegiance to the old colours are: – Messrs. Charles Glenn, John Glenn, H. Olphert, D. Shearer, P.J. McMonagle, N. Blayney, J. Duffy, P. Kelly, J. Flood, J. Campbell, Johnny McCourt, G. Donaghy, Barney Donaghy, D. O’Kane, Charles Lynch, A. Bowman, D. Gallagher, Norman McClure, G. Hendry, and D. Doherty, with a number of promising players yet to sign.

They are sanguine up Derry way that their prospects are of the rosiest description, and, given that loyal support that the club should receive from both players and spectators, I am confident a good season is in store for the North West Stripes.
(Source: Belfast Telegraph: August 31, 1908; by ‘Ralph the Rover’)


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