Season preview 1908-09: Distillery F.C. (Belfast Telegraph)

August 31, 1908
Still a name to conjure with. The prospects of this grand old club never seemed so bright. New blood has been infused into the team, and when properly blended all should be satisfactory. None too lucky last season, the habitues of Grosvenor Park anticipate more than a measure of success during the incoming season. Neither time, trouble, nor expense have been considered in the efforts of the management to get together a team that will worthily uphold the traditions of a club that has been identified with the game since its introduction into Ireland in the year 1878.

The officials responsible for the prosperity of the club are: – Messrs. Alex Crawford, J.P., president; trustees, Messrs. W.J. Daley and D. Laverty; honorary secretary, J. Hobson; honorary treasurer H.P. Woodside; committee, A. McAughey, J. Clarke, W.J. Johnston, S. Jess, W.J. Crawford, James Hobson, and J. Lennon. J. Clarke, J. Hobson, and A. McAughey will, as team committee, see that he best available team is played each week, while Mr. Sam Monroe, 109 Falls Road, the doyen among legislators, will see after the secretarial department.

A host of players of ability has been secured, and if Distillery’s colours are not triumphant all along the line it will not be the fault of the management. It would be utterly impossible in the limited space at my disposal to give a complete list of the players signed on, so I shall content myself with giving the names of the more prominent amongst them. These are: – H. Edmonds, E. Harrison, A. Creighton, J. McFarlane, C. Mercer, Peter Sydie, George McClure, J. Hunter, J. Irvine, Tor Hamilton, S. Fitzpatrick, T. Mulholland, Billy Halligan, Alf Kearns, Sam Burnison, A. McIntyre, G. Hopley, J.T. Hopley, A. McGattin, W. Scott, L.A. Donnelly, and J. Fleming – two teams practically. That old veteran Jack Hunter, will take up the duties of trainer vacated by J. Dunwoody, and under his care the players should be all that could be desired.

The terracing west of the pavilion has been subjected to a complete overhaul, and extra accommodation for a large number of additional spectators thus provided. I will be surprised, indeed, if the present season does not see more than one trophy go to the Whites.
(Source: Belfast Telegraph: August 31, 1908; by ‘Ralph the Rover’)


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