Season preview 1908-09: Glentoran F.C. (Belfast Telegraph)

August 31, 1908
Preparations are in progress out East End way for a great season. Everything points to last season’s success being surpassed. Of new blood there has been secured such players as A. McCartney, J. Harrison, A. Hunter, W. Oliver, R.G. Rae, and J. Mears, with the possibility of another in the person of James Stark, the famous centre half-back of the Glasgow Rangers and Chelsea.

Mr. Bryce McIlroy will again preside over the deliberations of the directorate, which includes Messrs. T. Mallon, T.H. Adams, J. Stoker, and J.R. Keenan. Two positions on the Board are vacant, and one of these will probably be voted to Mr. T.D. Reid, the late secretary to the club. Mr. James Jordan, an old athlete of considerable fame in days gone past, and a footballer, has been appointed trainer, and under his care the welfare of the players should be well looked after.

No less than four custodians are available – Messrs. J. Whitten, J. Harrison, J. Kane, and W. McKenna. The other players at command are R. King, F. Rea, A. McCartney, R. Barrett, J. Mears, Albert Waddell, R. Lyner, W. Oliver, J. Mitchell, David McDougall, J. Mater, D. Foster, D.L. Foster, G. Lillie, P. Jamison, E. Smith, J. McKnight, T. Lewis, A. Hunter, J. McKnight, S. Ritchie, W. Smyth, &c., and a judicious selection from out the above should see the colours of the Glentoran club in the ascendant.

Mr. James Whitten has succeeded Mr. T.D. Reid as secretary and manager to the club, and already gives promise of being the embodiment of all those qualifications that go to constitute n efficient secretary. His address is 117 Newtownards Road.

Given first a slice of that luck that has so consistently been denied them in the past a promising season looms before the Greens.
(Source: Belfast Telegraph: August 31, 1908; by ‘Ralph the Rover’)


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