Season preview 1908-09: Linfield F.C. (Belfast Telegraph)

August 31, 1908
No club stands the vicissitudes of time like the champions. Since its inception consistency has characterised its wonderful career. Up Windsor way they seem to be blessed with the happy knack of getting just those players they desire. And those who join the club are invariably true to their colours, and give of their best.

They have already opened the season in a most auspicious manner, and a good beginning counts for much amongst the club’s legions of supporters. That good all-round sportsman, Mr. John Warwick, retains the presidency of the club, while its trustees are Messrs. J. Warwick, D.W. Foy, and Arthur McDermott, the latter acting also as treasurer. This season’s committee is as follows: – Messrs. J. Gibson (chairman), W. Whitten, J. Johnston, D. Adams, J. Peden, G. Deyermond, and T. Shanks, the following acting as a team Selection Committee: – Messrs. Gibson, Deyermond, and Whitten. The secretaryship is once more vested in Mr. Sam Close, 23 Broadway, while Mr. R. Torrans, a member of Linfield’s famous original team, will act as trainer.

The playing strength of the club is not unlimited, but the club believe quality superior to quantity any day. The first-class players retained are: – R. Depledge, D. Mehaffy, George Willis, T. Johnston, W. Finlay, J. Darling, R. Milne, C. Stewart, Harold Mercer, S. Napier, W. McBurnie, J. Maxwell, W. Dodds, J. Morrison, D. Milne, J. Miller, R. Brown, J. Frame, J. Johnston, and J.P. Duddy. W. Anderson and S. Young are both gone, and will be missed before the season is over. They are a confident lot up Windsorwards, and they anticipate another successful season.

The enclosure has been receiving attention during the close season, the unreserved potion being terraced to the height of twelve tiers all along that side of the field. Everything points to another good season for the Blues.
(Source: Belfast Telegraph: August 31, 1908; by ‘Ralph the Rover’)


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