Season preview 1908-09: Shelbourne F.C. (Belfast Telegraph)

August 31, 1908
The Leinster champions, notwithstanding the defection of Val Harris and William Lacey, have gathered together a team second to none. This year they are bent on concentrating all their energies towards the annexation of the Irish League championship, and they have commenced operations in a fashion which has gladdened the hearts of the supporters of the club.

Three notable captures have been reported – Balfe, Sherry, and Sheridan, all of whom have done duty for their country. Mr. John McCann has been elected president of the club, Mr. P. Gleeson, treasurer; and the following, some of them already experienced legislators, have found seats on the committee: – Messrs. J. Richards (chairman), R.A. Duff, J. Fitzpatrick, J. Westley, B. Mainey, R. Fovargue, H. Conway, W. Taylor, and R. McDonald.

Of players, they have quite a legion, the principal amongst them being: – J.J. Sherry, M. Reilly, W. Watson, James Balfe, P. Kelly, J.J. Ledwidge, J. Doherty, C. Caffrey, John Owens, James Owens, R. Meerigan, J. Murphy, J. Coyle, J. Clearly, W. Mooney, J. Sheridan, P. Moore, T. Mallion, H. Pike, W.A. Flood, J. Dunne, C. Kelly, A.E. Mainey, H.B. Frazer, J. Fortune, J. Nugent, J. Lee, H.R. Owen, R. Moore, J. Abbey, and J. Moran. This contingent will be under the charge of William Quinn, late trainer to the Kilmarnock Club, who has succeeded the evergreen Tom Gonin in that particular sphere. In practice the majority of the above have acquitted themselves admirably. Under the guidance of Mr. R.A. Kenyon, secretary, a splendid season should be before the Shels.
(Source: Belfast Telegraph: August 31, 1908; by ‘Ralph the Rover’)


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