The Reserves

Liverpool Reserves v Colne 5-0 (League match: October 24, 1908)

October 24, 1908
Reserves, Lancashire Combination, at Anfield, kick-off: 15:15.
Liverpool Reserves – Colne 5-0 (2-0).
Referee: Mr. G. Goslind; linesmen: Messrs.: M. Berry and W. Dickinson.
Liverpool Reserves (2-3-5): Donald Sloan, Ted Hughes, Billy Dunlop, George Latham, Ernest Peake, Sam Hignett, Harry Grantham, William Hunter, Fred Smith, Bertram Goode, Sam Bowyer.
Colne (2-3-5): Mitchell, Green, Lee, Neild, Whitehead, Plews, Pilkington, Timmins, Lewis, Smith, Tracey.
The goals: 1-0 Hunter, 2-0 Goode, 3-0 Goode, 4-0 Peake, 5-0 Hunter.


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