Liverpool go down at Bristol

November 7, 1908
In this match at Bristol, this afternoon, Liverpool played Goode for Ronald Orr, and Bristol made six changes in the side that lost so heavily to Manchester City. It included Latham for the first time from the reserve team, for which he has been a prolific scorer. Teams: –

Bristol City: Harry Clay, Archie Annan, Joe Cottle, Reuben Marr, Jack Wedlock, Arthur Spear, Fred Staniforth, Sam Gilligan, Frank Latham, Andy Burton, Robert Hardy.
Liverpool: Sam Hardy, Tom Chorlton, Percy Saul, Maurice Parry, Jim Harrop, James Bradley, Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Joe Hewitt, Bertram Goode, John Cox.

Referee: Mr. A. Green, West Bromwich.

Futile search for goals.
The City lost the toss, but went away from the start, and in the opening minute Hardy had to save from Gilligan. This was responded to by brisk work by Liverpool, but three times in quick succession they were pulled up for offside, and though they continued the pressure subsequently Robinson and Goode could only finish with wide shots, so that Clay had nothing to save.

Bristol retaliated with good left wing play, Burton working the ball into a favourable position, but Hardy (Bristol) taking the pass, shot over the bar. Hardy once got in a very fine shot, which his namesake beat down, and Gilligan rushing up, seemed certain to net, but he fell just as he reached the ball.

It was a thrilling moment, but Saul managed to get the ball away. Liverpool’s reply to this was another spirited race up the left wing, and Goode had a nice opening, but shot too soon and tamely. Then for some minutes Bristol acted strongly on the aggressive, Staniforth and Burton being especially clever, but the latter was once very smartly robbed by Parry, who did a lot of very effective work for Liverpool.

Indeed, it was the halves on either side that stood out most conspicuously. The forwards seemed unable to combine for any length of time, and they also shot poorly. Liverpool forced a couple of corners, but neither materialised. Then twice Staniforth was easily robbed through hanging on to the ball too long. Spear was heartily cheered for very fine work once that undeniably robbed Hewitt of a goal, and then after half an hour’s play the first free-kick from a foul was given against Bristol. Liverpool were close in from it, but Bradley finished up with a ragged shot over the bar. Goddard just after sent in a grounder wide of the post.

Liverpool had a fairly good spell of attacking just before the interval, but their inside forwards overdid the passing business, and so Clay was not troubled anything like so often as he might have been. Bristol on the other hand swung the ball about more. Liverpool were well served at back by Saul and Chorlton, both of whom also enjoyed some luck. Robinson had a terrific shot kept out by the upright, and following this the City goal was a trifle lucky to escape, but the interval record of no score fairly represented the run of play.

Visitors beaten by a goal.
Bristol attacked strongly at the start of the second half, as they had at the beginning of the first, and Latham put in a very fine shot that Hardy only just reached and cleared at the expense of a corner. Staniforth placed it will, but Chorlton cleared. Then there was good work done by the Liverpool halves, but the forwards failed to take advantage of passes that they have them.

The game continued to be exceedingly fast and rarely remained at one end for long. Wedlock being a very important factor on the City side, for not only did he exercised a fine watching brief over Hewitt, but frequently plied the wings with success. Hardy was especially fast and clever on the City left wing and tricked Parry repeatedly, so that the latter was inclined to lose his head.

Taken altogether the game was very keen. The City eventually got the lead from a penalty given against Saul for handling, and though Hardy saved the penalty kick when Burton took it the latter raced in and, getting to the rebound, netted.

There could be no two opinions as to which was the better team after this, for the City played with remarkable dash and often troubled Hardy, whereas they had practically nothing to do. Liverpool fell away towards the finish, and Bristol deserved their victory.

Final: Bristol City 1, Liverpool 0.
(Cricket and Football Field: November 7, 1908)


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