Liverpool Reserves win big at Deepdale

November 14, 1908
Preston North End Reserves v Liverpool Reserves.
This game took place at Deepdale in beautiful weather, before about 4,000 spectators. The visitors started uphill, and were soon playing the stronger game. Each side had corners, and Booth (the home custodian) had several times to save.

After 16 minutes he saved a good shot from Ernest Peake, but the ball was not cleared properly, and Sam Bowyer running up scored for Liverpool. North End made plucky efforts to score, but the light forwards stood little chance against the stalwart Liverpool backs. At last Anthony Bond was grassed, and a penalty awarded to Preston, from which Joe Derbyshire equalised.

Liverpool now put much pressure on the home goal, and made the custodian save several times. He repelled a hot one from Bertram Goode, but Mike Griffin scored a second goal for the visitors, who had the best of the game until the interval.

Half-time: Liverpool Reserves 2, Preston North End Reserves 1.

In the second half North End brought much pressure to bear, and Derbyshire after a corner had been taken scored with a long shot, the ball striking the upright. Some even play followed, after which Goode succeeded in making the Liverpool score 3. Derbyshire was injured and retired for a few minutes. William Main made a capital run down the right wing and put in a hot centre which was cleared with difficulty.

North End were frequently dangerous, but were easily beaten in the scrimmages. John Carlin had the Liverpool goal at his mercy, but Donald Sloan saved in a miraculous manner. After some pressure Liverpool attacked and Goode, after a tricky run, scored a fourth goal.

Final: Liverpool Reserves 4, Preston North End Reserves 2.
(Cricket and Football Field, November 14, 1908)


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