Liverpool F.C.’s hospital list

December 5, 1908
Liverpool can scarcely expect to gain championship honours unless their luck changes. Look at the following list: –

Sam Hardy. – Seriously injured v. Manchester City; date of return to service not fixed.
Tom Rogers. – Injured at Nottingham two months ago; resumed training two weeks ago; subsequently, more “fluid in the knee” discovered; despatched to Allison’s Infirmary on Tuesday.
Percy Saul. Severe attack of influenza got the better of his physical defence 12 days ago. Only able to leave his room a few days ago.
Alf West. – Broken arm after the Notts County match: only out of hospital a matter of four or five days.
Tom Chorlton. – Went home bad on Monday, a la Saul; had not been heard of since, up to Thursday; influenza developments feared.
Alex Raisbeck. – Only able to indulge in mild cantering exercise with reserve team.
John Cox. – Added to the sick list eight days ago.

Was there ever a more heartrending list to present in the annals of professional football? In the words of the Liverpool secretary, it’s terrible.
(Cricket and Football Field: December 5, 1908)


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