Liverpool win at Owlerton

December 5, 1908
The Wednesday and Liverpool met in fine weather before about 16,000 people at Owlerton, Sheffield, this afternoon. The visiting side was very weak, as places had to be found for Sam Hardy, Percy Saul, Tom Rogers, John Cox and Arthur Goddard. Teams:

The Wednesday: Jack Lyall, Willie Layton, Harry Burton, Tom Brittleton, Jimmy Spoors, William Bartlett, Billy Lloyd, Harry Chapman, Andrew Wilson, Frank Bradshaw, Tommy Bolland.
Liverpool: Donald Sloan, Tom Chorlton, Billy Dunlop, Maurice Parry, Jim Harrop, James Bradley, Jack Parkinson, Bertram Goode, Joe Hewitt, Ronald Orr, Sam Bowyer.

A level first half.
The home team won the toss, and at the outset had the best of the game. Bolland, figuring in Frank Foxall’s place on the left, sprinted down his wing and finished with a grand centre, which Wilson turned just the wrong side of the post. Then Hewitt, after dribbling through the home defence, had a fine chance of scoring, but shot wide at the finish, and a bout of smart passing in the Wednesday front line brought the ball back, and Lloyd placed it clean across the goalmouth, Bolland, racing up at top speed, being just too late.

The game went on in Wednesday’s favour, with the Liverpool backs and halves working very well. The game was quite fast, and was barely a quarter of an hour old when a pretty pass across from Parkinson found Hewitt in position, and he cleverly beat Lyall.

This set the home team going, and five minutes later Wilson had made the scores level, turning a perfect centre from Bolland into the net, giving Sloan no chance at all. After this the Wednesday goal was twice in grave danger, Lyall on one occasion saving finely as Hewitt was pulled up for offside, and then Lyall saving thrice with a crowd of his rivals on him, and a free-kick for impeding being the eventual result.

The siege was ended at last, and the home team, by pretty passing, took the ball up towards Sloan, where Bartlett shot through, but the point was disallowed. This, however, only further whetted the home team’s appetite. In the course of one of their many attacks, during which Sloan distinguished himself a good deal, Bolland swung the ball very finely into the angle of the goal, where Sloan, at the expense of a corner, brought off a grand save.

A prolonged bombardment was now set up on the visitors’ goal, all by the efforts of the home right, in which Chapman and Lloyd were seen to great advantage. However, Sloan and his backs played a fine game, and though Brittleton was once in the act of scoring, the referee pulled him up for an infringement.

The Liverpool forwards during this period seldom got away, their rivals’ defence being very fine, and a little more coolness must have given Wednesday the lead. The stages just prior to half-time were all in favour of the home team, but there was no more scoring.

Interval: Sheffield Wednesday 1, Liverpool 1.

Splendid victory for the visitors.
The second half opened with a strong attack by the Liverpool forwards, and for a time they were well held. At last, however, Bowyer got the ball, and with the Wednesday backs to all appearances opening out to give Lyall a chance, the Liverpool winger shot into the net, giving his side an early lead.

Wednesday’s right wing went straight ahead after this, Lloyd turning the ball nicely out to Chapman, now in the outside position, and the latter rounding Bradley, cleverly, was unable to get the better of Dunlop, who grassed him and so cleared. The Wednesday forwards were very persistent, but could not beat a clever defence, and the Liverpool backs were so good that for some time Sloan was scarcely tested.

Now and then Liverpool broke away, but generally the work lay in the visitors’ quarters hereabout. Towards the close of the game Orr made the success of his side assured, as with a magnificent individual effort he beat the Wednesday backs and had Lyall helpless with a grand drive. This gave his side great heart and the Wednesday goal was stormed without further success.

Just before the finish Wednesday made another effort, Lloyd getting through three minutes from the finish. This was the closing feature of a remarkable game.

Final: Sheffield Wednesday 2, Liverpool 3.
(Cricket and Football Field: December 5, 1908)


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