Death of Mr. George Mahon

December 9, 1908
We regret to announce the death of Mr. George Mahon, which took place on Wednesday. For some considerable time Mr. Mahon had been seriously ill, and to his immediate friends his passing away will occasion no surprise.

The late Mr. Mahon was a remarkable man, and possessed a particularly keen intellect. A native of Liverpool, his aptitude for figures led to his entrance into the profession of a chartered accountant. He was one of the chief partners in the well-known firm of Messrs. Roose, Mahon, and Howorth.

North John-street, and for many years was recognised as one of the smartest accountants in the city, especially in relation to bankruptcy proceedings. He retired from the form in October last year. Mr. Mahon was passionately fond of music, and for many years he presided at the fine organ in the Wesleyan Methodist Chapel, Great Homer-street.

He was a prominent member of the old Walton Local Board, and filled the position of chairman at the time when that district successfully fought against its inclusion within the city area.

Apart from business considerations, Mr. Mahon in his later years was more widely known through his association with the Everton Football Club. When in the early nineties the present club left the Anfield-road home, Mr. Mahon was the leading spirit in the negotiations, which led to the severance between the old members and the later Alderman John Houlding.

In fact, Mr. Mahon was practically the originator of the present Everton Football Club. His was the mastermind which carried through negotiations that have resulted in the acquisition of one of the finest football sites in the country, and the formation of what is practically the most prosperous organisation of the kind in the world. The club was established on a paid-up capital of less than £2,000.

Now it can boast of wealth unsurpassed by any similar undertaking. A great share of the credit is unquestionably due to the late Mr. George Mahon, who not only piloted the club through troublesome times, but by his wise and judicious guidance in business matters did much towards providing the groundwork for the solid basis upon which the club now rests.

Mr. Mahon retired in May last from the position of chairman of directors. Mr. Mahon possessed a personality which attracted to him a best of friends, who delighted in his days of success, and who as sincerely sympathised with him when illness seized him.

The interment will take place at Anfield to-morrow (Saturday) at noon.

A circumstances of peculiar sadness in connection with Mr. Mahon’s death is that his son, Mr. Herbert George Mahon, a promising young man of 20, a junior partner in the firm of Messrs. Roose, Mahon, and Howorth, succumbed a week ago to complications following upon influenza, and was buried last Saturday.
(Liverpool Courier: December 11, 1908)

Thank you to Tony Onslow for finding this article for me.

George Mahon.
George Mahon

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