Big win for Liverpool Reserves

January 1, 1909
Liverpool Reserves v Southport Central.
Played at Liverpool, before a fair attendance. Teams: –

Liverpool Reserves: Gus Beeby, Alex Raisbeck, Jack Morris, Messina Allman, Matthews, Sam Hignett, Harry Grantham, William Hunter, Ernest Peake, Sam Bowyer, Harold Uren.
Southport Central: Gaskell, Spink, Orrell, Taylor, Edwards, Wright, Roberts, Graham, Brunton, Lawson, Gate.

There was a slight fog hovering round the ground when Brunton started for Southport. Play opened in brisk fashion, both ends being visited in turn. Peake made good progress down the centre, and presented Grantham with a splendid opportunity, which he failed to utilise.

The homesters again assumed the aggressove, and Uren executed a smart dribble and centred to Bowyer, who scored.

At the other end a judicious centre by Gate was not improved upon. Bowyer tried a long shot, but Gaskell found no difficulty in clearing.

Peake was then responsible for a solo effort, which he crowned with a capital goal.

Roberts put in a good run and centre, but Beeby saved Brunton’s header The homesters were then awarded a penalty, from which Peake scored with a swift ground drive. Nearing the interval Southport attacked, and Brunton scored.

Half-time: Liverpool Reserves 3, Southport Central 1.
(Lancashire Evening Post: January 1, 1909)


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