George Livingston transferred to Manchester United

January 20, 1909
What has gone wrong at Ibrox? The question seems applicable in view of the fact that only the other day Jamie Sharp, the noted Scottish back, was transferred from Rangers to Fulham, and to-day it is officially intimated that another well-known Ibrox player has re-crossed the Border in George Livingston, who returns to Manchester, from whence he came to Rangers two years ago.

Livingston was amongst the players who were suspended and fined by the English Association, and at the expiry of his suspension he went to Rangers. Lately he has not been playing so frequently as usual in the team, although he was in the eleven that was at Dundee a week ago. This time he goes to Manchester United.

A native of Dumbarton, Livingston, has seen a lot of service. Leaving the junior team Parkhead for Hearts, he subsequently was with Celtic, Liverpool, Sunderland, Manchester City, and now leave Rangers for Manchester United. Livingston, who played inside right for Manchester City, was a member of the City team that won the Cup in 1903/04. He has played for Scotland against England twice, in 1902 and 1906, and he also took part in the inter League international in 1907.

Livingston will probably appear at Clayton on Saturday and support his old partner, Billy Meredith, against the club with which both were so long associated. It could be possible to choose four old City forwards for the United – Meredith, Livingston, James Bannister, and Sandy Turnbull – and in addition, of course, a full back in Herbert Burgess.
(Evening Telegraph: January 20, 1909)

George Livingstone
George Livingston

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