Portrait of Maurice Parry

Saturday, February 27 – 1909
This accomplished footballer was born at Oswestry, and was educated at the High School there. Here he commenced his career as a half back, and after leaving the institution became attached to the Old Boys’ Club of that town. At the age of nineteen he joined the professional ranks, and played for Leicester Fosse during one season.

From here he migrated to Brighton, and with the Southern Leaguers was their recognised right half back. After one campaign he was persuaded to come to Anfield, and in the season of 1900-1 played his first League match for Liverpool. His abilities became quickly apparent, and that year he obtained his first International Cap against Scotland.

Since that time he has regularly played in all the Welsh International games, and has been chosen for the team which will oppose Scotland on Monday next. Parry is finely proportioned for a footballer, standing 5ft. 11in. and weighing 12st. 10lbs. In adding to being a capable performer in the football field, Parry is a skilful musician, and on the piano or organ is equally at home.

During recent weeks the right half back has been displaying his finest form, and in this respect has fully earned his right to be recognised as the most consistent back in the team. Few left wings can take the measure of Parry, and the Scots pair will find a sturdy opponent in the lengthy Welshman.
(Joint Everton and Liverpool Programme, 27-02-1909)

Maurice Parry
Maurice Parry

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