Scottish League v English League 3-1 (Inter League: February 27, 1909)

February 27, 1909
Match: Inter League, at Celtic Park.
Scottish League – English League 3-1 (1-0).
Attendance: 46,000; gate receipts £1,084.
Referee: Mr. T. Robertson (Queen’s Park); linesmen: Messrs. C.E. Sutcliffe and W. McMillen.
Scottish League (2-3-5): James Brownlie (Third Lanark); Thomas Collins (Hearts), Andrew Richmond (Queen’s Park); William Walker (Clyde), James Stark (Glasgow Rangers), James Hay (Celtic); Alex Bennett (Glasgow Rangers), Robert Walker (Hearts), Jimmy Quinn (Celtic), Peter Somers (Celtic), Harold McDonald Paul (Queen’s Park).
English League (2-3-5): Sam Hardy (Liverpool); Bob Crompton (Blackburn Rovers), Anthony Whitson (Newcastle United); Kenneth Reginald Gunnery Hunt (Wolves), Charlie Roberts (Manchester United), Harry Makepeace (Everton); David Stokes (Bolton Wanderers), Eddie Latheron (Blackburn Rovers), Vivian Woodward (Tottenham Hotspur), Frank Bradshaw (The Wednesday), Albert Smith (Bradford Park Avenue).
The goals: 1-0 Paul (31 min.), 2-0 Quinn, 3-0 Quinn, 3-1 Woodward (90 min.).