Catering for an international match

Thursday, April 2 – 1909
The elaborate preparations for to-morrow’s International (England v Scotland) include, in the catering department, the stocking of the following commodities:

10,000 pieces of cake;
500 dozen buns;
500 dozen scones;
500 dozen pastries;
5,000 loaves of bread for sandwiches and bread and butter;
50,000 slices of bread and butter;
800 sandwiches;
10,000 rolls;
10,000 pats of butter;
3,000 pork pies;
300 gallons of milk;
1,000 lbs of tea;
15,000 bottles of mineral water;
8,000 bottles of beer;
60 barrels of ale and stout;
1,500 bottles of whiskey, etc.

In the larders will be cut in readiness 2,000 steaks, 1,000 chops, and 500 cutlets.

The staff of cooks, and waiters and buffet and refreshment attendants will number 480.
(Sheffield Evening Telegraph, 02-04-1909)

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