Everton v Liverpool 5-0 (League match)

Friday, April 9 – 1909
Match: Football League, First Division, at Goodison Park, kick-off: 15:00.
Everton – Liverpool 5-0 (2-0).
Attendance: 50,000: Gate receipt: £1,290.
Referee: Mr. J. Mason.
Everton (2-3-5): William Scott; Robert Balmer, Jock Maconnachie; Val Harris, Jack Taylor, Harry Makepeace; Jack Sharp (C), Tim Coleman, Bert Freeman, Wattie White, Bob Turner.
Liverpool (2-3-5): Sam Hardy; Tom Chorlton, Robert Crawford; Jim Harrop, Alex Raisbeck (C), James Bradley; Arthur Goddard, Robert Robinson, Joe Hewitt, Ronald Orr, Harold Uren.
The goals: 1-0 Coleman (15 min.), 2-0 Freeman (35 min.), 3-0 White, 4-0 Turner, 5-0 Freeman.

Local football enthusiasts had a great attraction yesterday when the two rival clubs met in the return League encounter at Goodison Park. The struggles of Everton and Liverpool are always a source of unbounded interest, and on these occasions’ partisanship runs exceeding high, but when the meeting occurs on Good Friday; football excitement in the city is at an unusually high pitch. So it was yesterday.

The spacious ground at Goodison Park presented a very animated appearance. Many thousands of football followers frantically struggled for admission, and the officials at the entrances had a remarkably busy time. At the time for the kick off the enclosure presented a very imposing spectacle, every nook and corner apparently being occupied, and spectators were still pouring in. There were close on 50,000 spectators present, and the gate receipts were £1,290. Although this is not a record for an Everton and Liverpool match, it is very near it.

On the Everton side Turner, the ex-Leicester fosse player, who is now on the “Blues” list, made his first appearance. The Liverpool team had also undergone one or two changes, places being found for Uren at outside left, and Crawford at left back, alterations which were noted with special interest.

It was a game, which bristled with good points, and in which both sides were hard triers, and very often the football was of a high-class order. Such a wide margin as five goals to nothing with which Everton managed to win, was not generally expected, although no one will begrudge the Blues their success, as they earned it by a style and standard of play which was superior to that of Liverpool. There was scarcely a weak spot in the home eleven, all of whom, worked together with thorough understanding, with the result that for the greater part of the game they more than held their own. The front line were oftentimes brilliant, and made an emphatic impression on the Liverpool defence which was more confident and sounder than usual. Everton had the promising lead of two goals at the interval. Coleman obtaining the first and Freeman the second.

The resourceful Everton centre had thus not only the satisfaction of improving his record of goals for his club this season, but for the first time of making a tangible impression on the custodianship of the international Hardy. Things went in favour of the Blues in the second half, Freeman being responsible for one of the goals, whilst White and Turner secured the other two. Everybody was delighted with Turner’s display. In him, Everton have apparently got a very useful asset. He was ever on the quiuvive, and he put in some of the loveliest centres imaginable. He and White were a very fine wing. The half-backs were exceedingly safe, Taylor never sparing himself, whilst Makepeace was nearly always too smart for Goddard.

As regards Liverpool there were some very good individual efforts, but there was a lack of finish in front of goal, and an inclination to finesse too much with the ball instead of parting with it. This often lost them much ground. Uren gave a good display and centred effectively. The defence worked hard all through, and in this department Crawford did some sterling work, not only saving the situation for his side several times, but tackling with good methods and effect. But no one on the Liverpool side did better than Raisbeck, who worked very hard all through, and shared the half-back honours with Taylor.

Liverpool won the toss, and Everton started. The first thing of note was a movement by the Liverpool right wing and centre, in which Robinson had a good chance, but shot weakly, the ball going outside. Everton did the bulk of the pressing for the first five minutes, but they found the Liverpool defence very sound. The attack continued to come from the Blues, and Sharp exhibited smart work. Raisbeck putting into touch.

Uren was responsible for a useful run, but the ball was cleared. Following a free kick against Chorlton, Sharp got hold and centred. Crawford missed the ball, but Raisbeck cleared. Coleman was then brought down just outside the penalty area, but the ball was sent wide of the goal. For the next few minutes Liverpool attacked, but the defence prevailed, and clever work on the part of the home line resulted in Hardy saving from Turner.

Liverpool retaliated, but Hewitt got offside. Play settled down in the Liverpool half for some minutes, Hardy saving a dropping shot from Sharp. Robinson passed well to Goddard, but the outside man on being tackled by Maconnachie sent considerably wide of the mark. Freeman made a tame effort to get through from Turner’s centre, but Hardy cleared, and Liverpool went right away, Scott saving grandly from Robinson.

Makepeace, who put Freeman in possession, took up the goalkeeper’s clearance. The centre cleverly tipped the ball to Coleman, who ran though, and Hardy running out, the inside right tipped the ball into an open goal, giving Everton the lead 15 minutes from the start. Liverpool made a great effort to draw level, but Goddard shot over the bar when in a good position. White and Turner were conspicuous for nice combined movements, and Hardy had to save from the new forward.

Liverpool lost nothing for the want of trying, and when Hewitt shot in a favourable position the whistle went for some infringement. Immediately after this Goddard shot over the bar from a fine centre by Uren. This was followed by a fine bit of play by Hewitt, who swung the ball out to Uren, but the latter’s centre was cleared by Balmer. Crawford, who got in a long shot, which Scott saved robbed Coleman, and soon afterwards Maconnachie emulated the Liverpool back’s performance by forcing Hardy to clear a long drive.

Later Crawford pulled up Freeman when the Everton centre looked like going through on his own, and he subsequently dispossessed Sharp when the latter seemed in a likely position for scoring. For some time Everton were the more dangerous, but Liverpool presented a stubborn defence, and the pressure was eventually relieved through Freeman getting offside. The Reds had a turn, but Harris headed away Goodard‘s centre, whilst Taylor twice pulled up Hewitt.

Liverpool‘s centre forced a corner off Makepeace, from which Raisbeck headed in, the ball going outside off a defender. Taylor cleared the second flag kick, but Goddard took the ball back, and Hewitt headed wide. The Reds were still playing hard, and it was only a sound defence, which kept them at bay. The Blues had an opening, and Freeman sent in, Hardy clearing. Following a collision with Chorlton, Turner retired, and afterwards Crawford was hurt in a collision with Freeman, but was able to resume.

Turner was only away a couple of minutes, and during his absence Hewitt just missed with a fine screw shot. Turner signalised his reappearance with a fine centre, which looked very dangerous until Raisbeck cleared. Uren was cheered for a fine effort, which led to a corner. Goddard once more missing.

In 35 minutes, Everton went further ahead. Freeman snapped up a pass, and beating Crawford, ran well into goal. Hardy came out, but as he collided with the Everton centre, Freeman touched the ball into the net. Freeman, Hardy, and Crawford were all on the ground, and the Liverpool goalkeeper evidently received a bad shaking, as he had to receive attention before he was able to resume. Freeman in this success not only added to his goal record but the first time scored against Hardy. Liverpool retaliated. Hewitt missing with a good long drive, but Everton were the more dangerous side, and in the opposing defence Chorlton and Raisbeck performed well. A fine run by Goddard should have led to Liverpool scoring, but Hewitt with a grand opening responded with only a poor effort. Bradley sent wide from a corner, and then Scott cleared a header from Hewitt, following this up just on half-time by saving from Harrop. Freeman was right through, with only Hardy to beat, when the whistle sounded for the interval, the score then being Everton two goals, Liverpool nil.

Immediately on resuming Freeman ended a fine combined forward move on the part of Everton by barely shooting outside, and in less than a minute Hardy had to save from White. Liverpool now attacked in good style, and their combination at this point was very praiseworthy, Uren testing Scott with a good shot. Everton retaliated strongly and Freeman and Raisbeck had a tussle in which the Liverpool captain came off victorious, and found an opening for the Reds, but two clearances of Maconnachie neutralised matters.

A fine run by Freeman looked very dangerous for Liverpool, but Chorlton robbed the Everton centre in the penalty area. Liverpool made several raids into Everton quarters, but there was a lack of finish about their work, and Turner getting away forced Hardy to save a wonderful screw shot. Liverpool went right away, Scott clearing from Goddard, and then further fine work on the part of the Everton outside left forced Hardy to fist out. White, however, got hold, and trickling Harrop he scored with a fine drive in the top corner of the goal. Everton now led by three goals to nil, and Liverpool made a great effort to reduce the margin against them for some minutes they swarmed round the Everton goal, but Maconnachie’s defence was brilliant.

Once after robbing the Liverpool right wing, he put in a long shot which Hardy saved. The Reds now re-arranged their forces, Robinson going half-back, and Harrop partnering Goddard on the right. Everton, however, more than held their own, and Turner put across two grand centres which were only cleared with difficulty. The rearrangement of the Liverpool forwards having proved ineffective. Harrop and Robinson now reverted to their old position. Everton promptly forced a corner, from which Taylor sent wide.

A splendid movement by Everton resulted in Turner scoring with a brilliant cross shot just after White had hit the post, this putting the Blues four goals ahead. Everton ceased up somewhat, and Liverpool pressed Scott saving from Maconnachie, who kicked into his own goal. Both Uren and Hewitt missed with long shots. Freeman, after Hardy had saved twice, added a fifth for Everton from a good run by Sharp. Liverpool made a last effort, and Scott saved from Raisbeck, after which Freeman compelled Hardy to handle a rather difficult shot. The whistle then blow, and Everton won a good game by five goals to nil.
(Liverpool Courier, 10-04-1909)

Jack Taylor, Everton F.C.


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