Thirty Liverpool public-houses to be closed

May 4, 1909
The Liverpool magistrates on Tuesday dealt with a recommendation of the Licensing Committee that 33 licensed premises in various parts of the city be closed by payment of compensation, because of either structural unsuitability, undesirable position, or character of the trade done.

During the four years since the Compensation Act came into force in Liverpool 140 public houses have been extinguished by total compensation payment of £123,125. With a balance of £1,759 from last year and a maximum levy this year, the magistrates have £36,000, which the committee deemed sufficient to close 33 houses further.

The Bench on Tuesday allowed the renewal of one license, and adjourned the consideration of two others. Thirty are to be closed this year, the compensation to be assessed at a meeting to be held in June.
(Derby Daily Telegraph: May 5, 1909)

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