The Liverpool “ripper” case: a German arrested

June 19, 1909
At an early hour this morning the Liverpool Police detained a man on suspicion of being concerned in the remarkable stabbing outrage upon women in Liverpool. Last evening a woman informed the police that she had a quarrel with a strange in a house in Kirby-street. After a few words had passed the woman alleges that the man took a lance from his pocket, and made an attack upon her. She evaded the blow, and the stranger dashed into the street. The woman raising an alarm, the police immediately commenced a hunt, and after some time made an arrest at Bootle. The man in custody is stated to be middle aged, and of the labouring class.

A later message states the detained man is said to be a German, about 30 years of age. It now transpires that the young woman who accompanied the detectives in the search for the accused stated that on Tuesday night she was accosted by a man, who appeared to be a foreigner. She accompanied him to an entry, and then noticed that he possessed an ugly weapon, with a blade two or three inches thick. She screamed, and managed to escape.
(Hull Daily Mail: June 19, 1909)

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