A funny story concerning Jack Taylor

September 4, 1909
Taylor has a stationer’s and newsagent’s business in Liverpool, and his shop is a great rendezvous on Saturday nights after the match at Goodison. One night after Everton had been badly beaten by a club they had expected to walk round, there entered Taylor’s shop a gentleman whose countenance spoke in accents loud and clear of seraphic innocence. With modest voice he asked the Everton half if had among his stock a book on “How to Play Football.” After a search Jack found such a book and gave it to his customer, taking sixpence in exchange. The purchaser then with courtly bow handed back the little volume with the remark “May I present his through you to the Everton players with the hope that they will read, ponder, and inwardly digest its contents.” There was no trouble as it happened, for Taylor can take a joke, which may surprise some people when it is remembered that “Honest John” is a Scotsman.
(Star Green ‘un: September 4, 1909)