Meeting of the Lancashire Combination

September 8, 1909
At a meeting of the Lancashire Combination at Preston yesterday Mr. John McKenna (Liverpool) presided. A suggestion of the Rochdale Club that the Combination should follow the example of the Football League in compelling goalkeepers to wear distinctive colours was accepted, and clubs were requested to adopt the practice, although the rules did not cover the point.

Earlestown were granted permission to change their colours from dark blue to red. R. Brindle applied for a free transfer from Bacup, and the club agreed to accept 50s. Newton-le-Willows were informed that so far as any of their players ae concerned they are at liberty to go to any Combination club the desire without transfer fee being required.

The Secretary (Mr. A.H. Downs) reported that the following matches had been postponed:
September 1, Chorley v Manchester City Reserves; September 9, Turton v Barrow; September 11, Atherton v Pendlebury.
(Bolton Evening News: September 9, 1909)


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