Jimmy Stewart: A Son of the Rock

September 20, 1909
There can be no doubting the fact that the introduction of Jimmy Stewart and John Macdonald has gone a very long way towards bringing about the great improvement in the play of the Liverpool team.

James Munro Stewart, a Son of the Rock, was born at Dumbarton, and in his youth he played for Dumbarton Academy and Dumbarton Union, junior teams of that town. As an inside left he early gained practical acquaintance with the intricacies and requirements of the Association game. After one season with each of these clubs he joined the Dumbarton Corinthians, and then transferred his services to Ashfield, a Glasgow junior team. For one year only he assisted this organisation, and on returning to his native town he played for the premier eleven throughout one campaign.

Three years ago he joined Motherwell, and it was with them that Stewart first figured at inside right. There he displayed considerable ability, and it became evident that he could perform with equal facility on either wing. Liverpool had long been in need of a capable inside forward, and during the close season Mr. Tom Watson secured his signature to a League form.

Stewart possesses a capital idea of the requirements of an inside forward, and is proving a suitable partner for Arthur Goddard, who for some years has been neglected in this respect. He keeps the ball low, and passes judiciously to the men on either side of him. Standing 5ft. 6½in. and weighing 10st. 10lb., he compensates for his lack of physical advantages by adroitness with the ball and alertness in snapping up his chances.
(Source: Athletic News: September 20, 1909)

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