Liverpool and District Notes: November 1, 1909 (Athletic News)

November 1, 1909
Anfield Affairs
The surprising success which is attending the Liverpool team this season is one of the curiosities of football. They have won five consecutive games in October, and have been successful in their last five away engagements. Not since they opposed Bristol City in the premier League had they scored a win at Ashton Gate.

John Macdonald has become a rare favourite at Anfield by reason of his stylish and skilful footwork, but the wretched weather of last Saturday brought on an attack of lumbago, which kept him out of the team for the first time this season.

Harold Uren, however, is a most capable understudy. Not the least interesting feature to local followers is the race between Jack Parkinson and Bert Freeman for the leading position of goal-scorer.
(Athletic News: November 1, 1909)


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