The death of Frank Becton

November 6, 1909
The death occurred at his residence in Villiers Street, Preston, on Saturday, after lingering illness, of an old North End player in the person of Frank Becton.

Some twelve months ago the deceased underwent an operation, and though this was successful he became very weak, and consumption supervened.

Becton, who was 36 years of age, was a Prestonian, and from playing with junior clubs on the old Marsh he rose in the space of a few years to the highest pinnacle of fame in the football world.

Without doubt, he was a fine exponent of the winter pastime, for as a schoolboy he showed such skill that he was in constant request by junior organisations.

At the age of 20 he was associated with Fishwich Ramblers Club, from which he migrated to North End. Here he soon displayed his ability as an inside left, and along with Cowan formed the most dangerous wings in the country at that time.

On occasions he played centre forward with great success. Indeed, his clever footwork fitted him for almost any position in the attack, and in 1895 he played against Ireland, when his shooting was especially good.

The following year he joined the ranks of Liverpool, and such capital form did he display that he was capped in March, 1897, against Wales.

He stayed with Liverpool some time, and also figured with the New Brighton Tower club, that only existed a year or two, and then his star began to wane, and he dropped out of first-class football.

Of late years he had not engaged in the game owing to illness.
(Lancashire Evening Post: November 8, 1909)

Image from article.
Frank Becton


Frank Becton, the once famous Preston North End and Liverpool forward, who played against Ireland in 1895 and against Wales in 1897, died at Preston on Saturday from consumption of the bowels. He was 36 years of age, and since retiring from football had followed his occupation in the cotton mills.
(Manchester Courier, 08-11-1909)

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