Liverpool v Newcastle United

December 6, 1911
A heavy-scoring game was the outcome of the meeting of these clubs at Liverpool on Saturday, the enthusiasm of 25,000 spectators being kept at fever heat until the final whistle sounded. The visitors opened in fine style, and only a few minutes had elapsed before Jimmy Howie opened their scored. Jimmy Stewart, however, equalised almost immediately. Closely following this goal came another for Newcastle, Albert Shepherd putting into the net, the same player adding a further point. Liverpool took up the attack, and Jack Parkinson scored for them, but Shepherd added two more goals in quick succession, Newcastle crossing over leading by 5 goals to 2.

The second half was still more sensational than the first. Parkinson got through for the home team, his goal being followed by two from Ronald Orr. With the scores level both teams played for all they were worth, but the winning point came from Arthur Goddard, the home team retiring victors by 6 goals to 5.
(Source: Sporting Life: December 6, 1909)

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