Ellan Vannin disaster

December 15, 1909
The diving operations upon the wreck of the Manx steamer Ellan Vannin are being interfered with by the nature of the tides, and nothing further is reported to throw light upon the cause of the disaster or the fate of the rest of her passengers and crew.

The deputy coroner (Mr. Inglis) opened the inquest on the body of John Clague Taubman, aged 25, a fireman on the ill-fated ship, whose remains were recovered from the wreck on Sunday night. Evidence of identification was given, showing that he was a married man with two children, and had resided at 31 Bignall Street, Douglas. The inquiry was then adjourned until December 22.

To the Lord Mayor of Liverpool’s fund for the widows and orphans £66 17s 5d has been handed in as the result of collections at the Liverpool football ground and in the streets. A special performance in aid of the relief fund will be given at Kelly’s Theatre, Liverpool, next Tuesday, when Harold Smith, the brother of Mr. F.E. Smith, M.P., will appear in “Waterloo.”
(Source: Dundee Evening Telegraph: December 15, 1909)

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