A Christmas poem (Christmas 1909)

December 24, 1909
“One day in all the year,
One day of joy and mirth,
One day to mem’ry dear,
One day of peace on earth.”

The splendour of the rising sun.
On glistering snowy ground,
From ivied tower and tapering spire –
Sweet melody of sound.

Frost flower wreathing hollies,
And draping leafless trees,
With gossamer webs of diamond lace,
Changing the world to a fairy place.

And the merry bells are ringing,
While distant voices sing,
The same dear old-time carols,
The children used to sing.

So we deck our homes with holly,
Whatever folks may say –
We mean to keep our Christmas,
In the good old-fashioned way.

The merry bells are ringing,
Their voices seem to say,
We ring out strife and tumult,
When we ring in Christmas Day.

Ringing, bringing tender thoughts and gay.
And not a note of sadness to mar
This happy day.

Annie B. Walton.
(Monmouthshire Beacon: December 24, 1909)

Christmas Spirit.


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