Letter from America: “What is wrong with Bury?”

December 24, 1909
Sir, – I was a supporter of the Bury A.F.C. prior to coming out here. On looking over my local paper I find that Bury are again having very bad luck. What is the matter with Billy Hibbert, Jimmy Lindsay, and Dick Parkin this season? I hope they will soon get back to their old form, and then the team will be able to tell a better tale. It is a long lane that has not any turning, wo I wish them the best of luck, and hope for better results next time I receive your paper. – Yours, & c., AN OLD BURYITE (P. Wilkinson).
– South 3rd Avenue, Kingbridge Road, Mount Vernon, New York, America – December 9.
(Bury Times: December 24, 1909)