Woolwich Arsenal v Liverpool

December 28, 1909
Woolwich Arsenal v Liverpool.
At Plumstead, in wet weather, on treacherous ground, before 15,000 spectators. Liverpool had Gus Beeby for Sam Hardy, and had Charlie Lewis and Matthew McKellar for Robert Stevens and Walter Lawrence. The Arsenal were much the more dangerous side, Andy Ducat and Lewis narrowly missing, and chances were waster in front of the Liverpool goal. Hugh McDoald saved a fine shot from Jack Parkinson. McKellar scored for the Arsenal, and Beeby saved a penalty by Ducat.

Half-time: Woolwich Arsenal, 1 goal; Liverpool, 0 goal.

The football in the second half was not so good as in the first. The Arsenal lost some of their dash, and Liverpool were more prominent. Jimmy Stewart wasted a good opening, but after Parkinson had struck the bar he ran through and equalised. Arsenal made one great raid, but Beeby saved cleverly. Arsenal made big efforts without success, Liverpool concentrating their attentions mainly on the defence. It was quite a good game.

Result: Woolwich Arsenal, 1 goal; Liverpool, 1 goal.
(Source: Sheffield Daily Telegraph: December 28, 1909)

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