Woolwich Arsenal v Liverpool

December 28, 1909
Woolwich Arsenal v Liverpool.
Played at Plumstead yesterday, before about 17,000 people. In the first few minutes Arsenal pressed hotly, and Liverpool’s goal was bombarded with shots. McEachrane by a mistake gave the ball to a Liverpool player, but after three visiting forwards had had unsuccessful shots almost on the goal-line, the ball was cleared. The Arsenal now had a turn at attacking, and the ball was passed to McKellar, but he hesitated, with the usual result. The same player had another splendid opportunity a few minutes later, but waited too long.

The Liverpool goal was besieged with shots, but wild kicking spoilt some magnificent openings. Liverpool broke away, and H. McDonald was tested with several dangerous shots, but D. McDonald played a fine game at back, and relieved on many occasions. The Arsenal eventually got away and forced numerous corners, but could do anything but score. Eventually, from a corner, McKellar secured and notched the Arsenal’s first goal. Just one half-time a penalty was awarded the Arsenal, but Ducat, who took the kick, placed the ball into the hands of Beeby. Half-time arrived Arsenal leading by 1 goal to 0.

On the restart the Liverpool goal was again visited. After this the pace became much slower, Liverpool being the more aggressive. Parkinson equalised with a fine shot, and towards the close of the game some exciting play was witnessed, both goals having narrow escapes. Nothing further was scored, and the game resulted in a draw of 1 goal each.

Liverpool: Gus Beeby, Tom Rogers, Tom Chorlton, John McConnell (*), Jim Harrop, James Bradley, Arthur Goddard, Jimmy Stewart, Jack Parkinson, Ronald Orr, John Macdonald.
Woolwich Arsenal: Hugh McDonald, Duncan McDonald, Joe Shaw, Andy Ducat, Matthew Thomson, Roddy McEachrane, David Greenaway, Charlie Lewis, Matthew McKellar, William Buckenham, David Neave.
Referee: Mr. H.H. Taylor.
(Source: Sporting Life: December 28, 1909)

* Note: Sporting Life used the preview line-up’s and was not updated that Robert Robinson replaced John McConnell at half-back.

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