Sheffield United v Liverpool

December 29, 1909
Sheffield United v Liverpool.
At Bramall Lane, yesterday, in wet weather, and before 12,000 spectators. Liverpool were easily defeated, though had their forwards worked in cohesion with Parkinson they might have divided the spoils.

The United, with a strong wind behind them, attacked, but were driven back. Liverpool then made several spasmodic efforts. A combined movement between Simmons and Kitchen terminated in the former striking the cross-bar. Kitchen scoring from the rebound after seven minutes. The pace was very fast, considering the heavy ground, and each goal was visited in turn. Lievesley saved a great shot from Bowyer and before the interval Hardinge and Kitchen added further goals for Sheffield, the former also missing a splendid opportunity.

Liverpool attacked on resuming, but their efforts lacked finish, and whenever a good shot was sent in Lievesley was always there. Each goal was bombarded, and Hardinge scored for the United. Later Liverpool put on heavy pressure. Lievesley saving a magnificent shot from McDonald. Kitchen missed a penalty for the United, but just before the finish Goode and Parkinson netted for the visitors.

Result: Sheffield United, 4; Liverpool 2.

Sheffield United: Joe Lievesley, Bob Benson, Joe Brooks, James McGuire, Albert Sturgess, Ernest Needham, Joe Walton, Jim Simmons, Joe Kitchen, Wally Hardinge, Robert Evans.
Liverpool: Gus Beeby, Fred Rogers, Tom Chorlton, Robert Robinson, Jim Harrop, James Bradley, John Macdonald, Bertram Goode, Jack Parkinson, Sam Bowyer, Joe Hewitt.
Referee: Mr. A. Green (West Bromwich).
(Source: Sporting Life: December 29, 1909)

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