English League v Scottish League 2-3 (Inter League: February 26, 1910)

February 26, 1910
International: Inter League, at Ewood Park.
English League ā€“ Scottish League 2-3 (1-1).
Attendance: 30,000.
Referee: Mr. T.P. Campbell (Blackburn).
English League (2-3-5): Jerry Dawson (Burnley), Bob Crompton (Blackburn Rovers), Vince Hayes (Manchester United), Tom Brittleton (The Wednesday), Jim Harrop (Liverpool), Harry Makepeace (Everton), Billy Garbutt (Blackburn Rovers), George Holley (Sunderland), Jack Parkinson (Liverpool), Joe Bache (Aston Villa), George Wall (Manchester United).
Scottish League (2-3-5): James Brownlie (Third Lanark), Alex McNair (Celtic), Tommy Miller (Falkirk), George Halley (Kilmarnock), Willie Loney (Celtic), James Hay (Celtic), James McMenemy (Celtic), Robert Templeton (Kilmarnock), James Quinn (Celtic), Alex Bennett (Glasgow Rangers), Andrew Devine (Falkirk).
The goals: 0-1 Devine (13 min.), 1-1 Parkinson (14 min.), 1-2 Quinn (47 min.), 2-2 Brittleton (62 min.), 2-3 Quinn (78 min.).


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