The South African tour

May 7, 1910
The members of the English Association football team to tour South Africa under the auspices of the Football Association left Waterloo on Saturday by the 11.35 special boat train for Southampton to join the steamship Kinfauns Castle. The party are due to arrive on Tuesday, May 24th.
A large crowd was on the platform to witness the departure. Amongst those present where H. Hubbard, Arthur Berry (one of the old directors of the Liverpool Club), J.B. Skeggs, C. Crump, A. Davies, Fred Wright, jun., A. Duckworth (ex-chairman of the Bury Club), A.H. Bell (Woking), W.J. Wilson, and Frederick Wall, Secretary of the F.A.

The team is as follows: – A. Berry (Everton), E.G.D. Wright (Hull City), V.J. Woodward (Chelsea), J. Leivesley (Sheffield United), J.V. Hayes (Manchester United), R.W. Benson (Sheffield United), J. Leeming (Brighton and Hove Albion), W. Wedlock (Bristol City), G. Richards (Derby County), R. Duckworth (Manchester United), A. Sturgess (Sheffield United), H.J. Fleming (Swindon), W. Hibbert (Bury), G. Holley (Sunderland), G. Wall (Manchester United), J. Bulcock (Crystal Palace), J.E. Raine (Glossop), and W. Silto (Swindon).
(Sheffield Daily Telegraph: May 9, 1910)

The Kinfauns Castle
Kinfauns Castle

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