Liverpudliana: By Richard Samuel (May 14, 1910)

May 14, 1910
With regard to the Liverpool signatories, the Reds have good cause for congratulation, seeing that the entire pick of last season’s basket has been retained, plus three proved additions. Two well-known faces, however, will be among the missing: Joe Hewitt and James Bradley.

Both men, during a goodly stay with the club, have rendered Liverpool sterling service, and had their masters been more wealthy, I doubt not but the former would would have been accorded a nice benefit ere this, and that Bradley would have been retained to qualify for same. Bradley has returned to his former love, Stoke, and being wonderfully well-preserved should do well for them.

Other players not retained by Liverpool include John Dunlop, Thomas Riley, and Wallis Dimmock, a trio of backs who did not realize expectations; Barney Dillon, a tall local half who promised well last autumn, and four forwards in Bertram Goode (ex-Chester), Robert Lawson (Southport Central), Herbert McPherson (ex-Partick Thistle) and William Morris, the former Lincoln City centre forward.

Ready for next season.
For goal Liverpool have booked Sam Hardy and Gus Beeby. A third Peakite keeper or one from elsewhere is needed to make the club safe in this department. The backs retained are Robert Crawford, Tom Rogers, Donald Mackinlay, and Billy Dunlop. The people’s – William Dunlop – was signed on by Liverpool in 1895, the year in which Jack Taylor joined Everton! Dunlop’s record is one upon which any man could afford to look back upon with pride. But alas, few get the chance.

Alf West has returned after a season with Reading, whilst on Tuesday last, Liverpool secured the transfer of Ephraim Longworth, the ex-Boltonian, who for two seasons past has done great things with Leyton at full-back. He is young, nicely built (11st. 7lbs.) and able. Surely from their seven full backs Liverpool will be able to scrape together a really first class pair.

As yet Liverpool’s half-backs savour of quality rather than quantity. They are Jim Harrop, Robert Robinson, John McConnell, Ernest Peake and Sam Hignett. We shall look for one or two additions to the intermediate staff therefore, ere long. A similar remark is applicable to the forwards, but it is good to know that only the best of last season’s lot have been rebooked.

They are Arthur Goddard, James Stewart, Jack Parkinson, Ronald Orr, John Macdonald, Sam Bowyer, Harold Uren, and James Speakman. Sam Gilligan (of Bristol City and Third Lanark) is the one new forward face thus far, but if Scotland or elsewhere can send along another Stewart and Macdonald or two, all should indeed end well out Anfield way 12 months hence.
(Source: Cricket and Football Field: May 14, 1910)

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