Notts County for Denmark

Saturday, May 28 – 1910
Numbering twenty-three a party representing the Notts Football Club (Notts County) set out from Victoria Station this afternoon on a short tour in Denmark, and there was numerous gathering of friends to see them off and wish them a pleasant voyage and holiday.

Those who are making the trip are Mr. S. Bullivant and Mr. B.T. Thompson (directors), Mr. T.E. Harris (secretary), Jimmy Cantrell, Albert Iremonger, Arthur Griffiths, Ben Craythorne, Ted Emberton, Arthur Clamp, Jerry Dean, Ike Waterall, Billy Matthews, George Dodd, Fred Jones, Albert Walker, H. Birch, and Herbert Morley (players), together with five friends of the inner circle, and Tom Prescott, the trainer. Morley, who joined the train at Sheffield, will not take part in the matches, as he is not quite sound.

Prior to their departure the players were entertained at luncheon in the Welbeck Hotel by the directors of the club, Alderman H. Heath, J.P. (chairman), Mr. W.T. Bramley (hon. Treasurer), Mr. G.E. Osborne, Mr. W.S. Marshall, and Mr. A. Shelton being present.

The travellers are due to arrive at Copenhagen, their headquarters, on Monday afternoon, and they will stay at the Hotel Phoenix. Three matches are to be played, the last on Sunday, June 5th, and leaving Copenhagen on the return journey on Monday morning the party are due back in Nottingham at a quarter to two o’clock on Wednesday, June 8th.
(Nottingham Evening Post, 28-05-1910)

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