James Bradley re-signs for Liverpool

June 10, 1910
Bringing football-runners together again
Local football folk will be pleased to learn that James Bradley re-signed for Liverpool this morning. It will be remembered that Bradley was not re-engaged at the end of the season owing to certain difficulties. However, matters are now smoothed over, and one hopes that Bradley’s association with the club will be happy during next season.

He is a popular player with the crowd and since he came from Stoke to fill a position which was causing the directors much anxiety he has been a consistent performer. One of the greatest services he rendered his club, exemplifying his versatile talents, was to keep goal at a moment’s notice against Bolton Wanderers last Christmas Day, with excellent results.

After Saturday’s race at New Brighton, supporters of W. Stevenson and Jack Parkinson exclaimed almost as one man “A great race, and pleasant to see, Hope they meet again.”

There is every prospect of their coming together again, I am glad to say. Each is genuinely keen upon beating the other, and on July 9 another splendid race over 100 yards is most probable.

Stevenson has replied accepting Parkinson’s challenge in these terms, “I deposit £5. I will run Parkinson over 100 yards on any track in Liverpool for £25 a-side on July 9 or subsequently. Stakeholder to appoint pistol-firer and referee.”

So far the matter has gone. Probably the Stanley track will be chosen.
(Source: Liverpool Echo: June 10, 1910)

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