The Football League: The annual meeting of 1910

June 13, 1910
The annual meeting of the Football League was held in London on Monday, Mr. John James Bentley, presiding.

A grant of £50 was made to the widow and family of the late Mr. S. Whittaker.

Aston Villa were permitted to distribute bonuses amounting to £275 amongst the players who won the League championship for the club.

There were six applications for admission to the Second Division of the League, and the voting resulted as follows: – Birmingham 30, Huddersfield Town 26, Grimsby 12, Chesterfield Town 26, Stoke 3, Hartlepools United 1. The first two were elected.

Mr. Bentley retired from the presidency and Mr. John McKenna (Liverpool) was elected, defeating Mr. John Lewis by 37 votes to four. Mr. Charles Sutcliffe, who was one of those nominated, retired.

John McKenna.
John McKenna

Mr. Lewis and Mr. H. Keys were elected vice/president.

Messrs. Dr James Baxter, Charles Sutcliffe, Arthur Dickinson, John James Bentley, and T.E. Harris were elected on the committee of management.

A motion by Derby County that the four highest clubs in the Second Division be promoted was lost.

The maximum wage for players was fixed at £4 10s after two years’ service and an increase to £5 after a further two years.

Transfers of players of any club expelled, resigning or failing to gain re-election to the League are to be held by the League who shall receive such amount received.
(Burnley Gazette: June 15, 1910)

Arthur Dickinson, the Football League (Lancashire Evening Post: October 1, 1898).


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