Football League meeting (July 9, 1910)

July 9, 1910
A meeting of the Football League was held at the Overstrand Hotel, Cromer, today, Mr. John McKenna presiding over a good attendance.

The result of the referees’ ballot was declared as follows: – A. Adams (Nottingham), J.W. Bailey (Leicester), H.S. Bamlett (Gateshead), A. Briggs (Blackburn), P. Campbell (Blackburn), W. Chadwick (Blackburn), W.C. Clover (Leicester), R. Eccles (Darwen), C.C. Fallowfield (London), T. Garner (Barnsley), C.W. Gillett (London), D. Hammond (Heywood), A. Hargreaves (Blackpool), F. Heath (Birmingham), R. Horrocks (Bolton), J.T. Howcroft (Bolton), T. Kirkham (Burslem), P. Lewis (Rotherham), the Rev. J.W. Marsh (Bury), J. Mason (Burslem), A.W. Mcine (London), J.H. Pearson (Crewe), A. Pellowe (Oldham), T. Robertson (Glasgow), T.J. Rowbotham (Nottingham), Arthur Shallcross (Leek), J.G.H. Sharp (Lichfield), J.H. Smith (Doncaster), J. Sykes (Stockport), and H.H. Taylor (Altrincham).

The ten supplementary ones were: – J. Baker (Nantwich), C. Bradley (Derby), L. Bullinier (Northampton), H. Dale (Manchester), T. Field (Mexborough), D. Hulley (Chesterfield), Fred Kirkham (Ben Rydding), A.G. Neale (London), Arthur Henry Oakley (Wolverhampton), and H.T. Yates (Bolton).

The case on the retained list were dealt with as under: – G. Barrell (Lincoln), fixed at £20; G.R. Simpson (West Bromwich Albion), £200; and S. Whiteman (Middlesbrough), £150.

The Management Committee reduced the fee of S. Grundy (Glossop), to £50, whilst no action was taken in the case of W. Palethorpe (Gainsborough), whose fee of £50 the club reduced to £10. William Morris (Liverpool) was granted a free transfer, and John Gorman (Leicester Fosse) fee, as reduced to £100, was accepted.
(Source: Sheffield Evening Post: July 9, 1910; via © 2018 Findmypast Newspaper Archive Limited

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